Wheatless in

Who We are

At Wheatlessin, we are a dedicated gluten free web and mobile application that allows users to be informed, explore, and connect with establishments that provide gluten free food or products so others with similar dietary need may swiftly locate reliable trustworthy eating options without fear of being “gluten-bombed.”

Our Mission

To be the most trusted gluten free site!

The Team

Chaimae Bettah | Full Stack Web Developer

Chaimae’s gluten-hall pass item: Pastries

Originated from Morocco and is a Physics, Mathematics and Computer Networking major in college. Moved to Boston less than a year ago and then recently moved to Seattle to attend Code Fellows. Currently working toward an Advanced Web Software Development Certificate and continually improving her code chops with the rigorous challenges that approach her!

Conor Clary | Full Stack Web Developer

Conor’s gluten-hall pass item: Texas Toast

Born and raised in Texas until he was 23 and moved to Boston to co-found two exciting startups. After 3 years in Boston, he sold one of his startups and returned to Texas before coming up to Seattle for work. Currently, he is enhancing his coding skills at Code Fellows and excited for what the future holds!

Joey Derosa | Full Stack Web Developer

Joey’s gluten-hall pass item: General Tso’s Chicken

Joey is 18 years old and has resided in Tacoma since birth. In high school he took an AP computer science class and decided not to attend college but found a more specialized non-traditional school in web development. He hopes to further his education in technology and become the next hacker ninja.

Michael Paik | Full Stack Web Developer

Michael’s gluten-hall pass item: Costco’s Butter Croissant

An HR professional gone rogue. Decided to fulfill his passion for discovering gluten free food. To his surprise, he decided to learn how to write code and build websites like this one! He is native to Seattle but lived in different cities around the U.S. When he is not coding, he is playing with his baby daughter, searching for gluten free eateries, and reading just about anything... including food labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is our inaugural launch day?

Spring of 2017.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a group of proteins found in grains like wheat, rye, spelt, and barley. Of the gluten-containing grains, wheat is the most commonly consumed. The two main proteins in gluten are called glutenin and gliadin. When flour is mixed with water, the gluten proteins form a sticky network that has a glue-like element. This element makes dough elastic and gives bread the ability to rise when baked.

What is “Gluten Free” vs. “Certified Gluten-Free”?

Food establishments like restaurants and bakeries can prepare certain items on their menu gluten free and may certainly be doing everything they can to accommodate a gluten allergy. This means the order was prepared gluten free but may have been unintentionally cross contaminated with other gluten items. Certified Gluten-Free is a non-profit agency that helps businesses comply to a stricter code (zero contamination) when preparing gluten free foods so that medically the food can be safely consumed. It is the gold standard to gluten free! You may have already seen this logo shown below on food packages and restaurant websites.

Does the site only focus on wheatless foods and products?

No, our focus is everything that contains gluten (wheat, barley, & rye) and help the community discover gluten free including certified gluten-free.